How to Calibrate a Hygrometer?

How to Calibrate a Hygrometer?

Many people like to have a hygrometer at their home or office. It helps them to keep an eye on the changing condition of the humidity and the temperature. It saves a lot of time and money because that may result in the repairing of appliances. However, when it comes to calibrating hygrometer, many people don’t know how to calibrate a hygrometer.

What Does it Mean to Calibrate Hygrometer?

The word calibrate means to take the precise measurement of any instrument. Calibration is the measurement of any device with its comparison to the values obtained under the test versus the calibration standard. Therefore, the term calibrates hygrometer means adjusting the hygrometer in a way that it measures reading accurately without forcing any external factors into the account.

Why Should You Calibrate Your Hygrometer?

Whether you have a home or garden and want to measure the accurate humidity, a hygrometer is useful in these scenarios. It is important to calibrate hygrometer because of its delicate design. The possible simplest methods of calibrating a hygrometer help in measuring the accurate temperature and humidity. It is important to calibrate every hygrometer after few months.

As there are both digital and analog hygrometers are available in the market, both should be calibrated. Some hygrometers have an adjustment dial behind them but many of them don’t have it. Salt Test is a great way to calibrate a hygrometer. If someone faces difficulty in calibrating hygrometer, it is recommended to take the readings and check them by subtracting from each other to find the difference. Also learn about Hygrometer Types and its uses.

How to Calibrate a Hygrometer?

Method 1: Salt Test

There is a renowned method of salt test which is widely used but it has some requirements.

The required material for the salt test includes Hygrometer, table salt, half a cup of water, a disposable bag, and coffee cup.

1. Mixing the Salt and Water

Take a coffee cup and fill it half with the salt. Add water and wait for it to dissolve. Water should be good enough to damp the salt like sand. In this way, water will maintain its exact humidity at 75%. There is no need to use the sea salt as table salt is good enough to conduct this test.

2. Seal the Plastic Bag

Take a disposable plastic bag and place both hygrometer and salt in the bag. Make sure that the hygrometer is placed away from the salt cup. A bag should be completely sealed and there should be no contact of the salt with a hygrometer. The bag should be sealed for at least eight to twelve hours. The temperature should remain the same and there should be no sunlight. We will discuss another method that can save you time. However, you can spend a few bucks to make the process super easy by using a kit.

3. Note the Reading

It is the most important step in this process. Note the reading after eight to twelve hours. To calibrate hygrometer, the humidity level of the gauge should be at 75%. The hygrometer is not calibrated if the value falls below or higher than 75. For example, if the reading is 68%, its 7% low.

4. Adjust Hygrometer Calibration

If the reading is low or high, manually adjust the gauge at 75% using the screw or setting. It needs immediate action and should be no delay. However, if someone wants to check it again, they should wait eight more hours like before for the adjustment. For example, if the reading was found to be 70%, there is a difference of 5% and should be adjusted to 75. Similarly, if the reading was higher at 82%, it should be adjusted with the difference of 7% to make it 75.

How Do I Know if my Hygrometer is Properly Calibrated?

As stated before, if the reading is below of higher than 75%, the hygrometer needs to be re-adjusted manually with the screw. Moreover, for more accuracy, a hygrometer should be placed in the sealed plastic bag with a salt cup again. The RH value of 75% indicates the accuracy of the hygrometer. There is no need to calibrate hygrometer again. Blow hot air into a hygrometer if it stops working and showing any reading. Moreover, you can also wrap a hygrometer in a hot towel.

Calibrate Hygrometer with Boveda Hygrometer Calibration Kit (75% RH):

The drawback of the saltwater test is that you have to gather material manually by visiting shops one after another. Boveda Hygrometer Calibration Kit makes it easier by providing the whole package, It is another form of saltwater test. Science and Technology have made our lives easier. Now, there is no need to worry about the sunlight or changing conditions of the temperature in the plastic bag. Boveda Hygrometer Calibration Kit takes care of the environment.

Product Description:

Are you worried about accurate measurement and don’t know how to conduct salt test to calibrate hygrometer? So, no need to use a cup and then seal it in the plastic bag because Boveda Hygrometer Kit(75% RH) has everything in one plastic bag. This kit is already precise and needs no mess. It is different from the salt cup and bottle test. Saltwater based test uses water and also salt to measure the accuracy of a hygrometer to 75%. Whereas, just place your hygrometer in the bad and close the zip. Come back after 24 hours and check the reading of the hygrometer. However, do not use multiple hygrometers in the same kit because it will affect the measurement.

Product Features:

  • Calibrate Hygrometer hassle-free and easily
  • Kit automatically adjusts the inside temperature
  • ¬†No need to use a cup and salt for measurement
  • Boveda Salt-Based Test is easy as compared to the traditional saltwater test where accuracy is a huge concern
  • Precise RH reading in just 24 hours – In case of inaccuracy, adjust the hygrometer accordingly
  • Can be reused again for multiple hygrometers as lifetime is 3 months.

Product Price: $8.24

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