How to Measure Humidity

How to Measure Humidity

Humidity is the number of water vapors in the atmosphere. How to measure humidity is a common question asked by people. Humidity is important for everyone including professionals and common people. Guitarists, Musicians, and other people need to know the humidity level to protect their devices and instruments. Similarly, people like you would like to measure humidity in your home. It is because humidity can damage the appliances in your home. Moreover, it can make the surface damp and damage the walls. On the other hand, no one wants to leave his or her house too dry. It can decrease the temperature and you will end up feeling colder than usual.

What is Dew Point?

Dew Point is a temperature at which air needs to be cooled to achieve the relative humidity. The concept of relative humidity will be explained in the next section. It is important to achieve a good dew point. If the dew point is higher, moisture in the air will be higher too. A good dew point should be lower than 60 degrees. Air includes moisture with the dew point higher than 65.

Relative Humidity is another term similar to Dew Point. Relative Humidity is the number of water vapors in the atmosphere at a given temperature. It depends on various factors such as moisture content and temperature. Whereas, Dew Point only depends on the amount of moisture in the air.

Relationship between Relative Humidity and Dew Point?

Sometimes professionals consider dew point a better way of measuring humidity. Whereas, it is always a good idea to measure relative humidity by comparing it with dew point. Dew point shows the absolute measurement.

Relative Humidity is higher to its fullest when both the temperature and dew point are the same. At this point, if the temperature decreases, the process of condensation starts and moisture forms. However, if the relative humidity is stable at 100, it does not mean that precipitation will occur. Relative Humidity at 100 means that it is the maximum amount of moisture in the air. This maximum amount of moisture is achieved at a specific temperature. Saturation makes way for fog and clouds that carry tiny water drops.

Dew Point shows the moisture in the air and has nothing to do with temperature. Relative Humidity does not show the moisture content in the air. It is because the relative humidity is related to air temperature. We cannot measure relative humidity by just knowing the dew point. It is essential to know the air temperature. Relative Humidity is the ratio of actual to saturated vapor pressure.

How to Measure Humidity?

A hygrometer is a device that measures the relative humidity. To measure humidity, it relies on various factors such as pressure, temperature, and air. Sling Psychomotor is the simplest hygrometer that consists of two thermometers and a chain. One of the bulbs is dry and the other one is wet. Learn more about Hygrometers here.

How to measue humidity

How to Use Psychrometer to Measure Humidity?

A Psychrometer is also known as Sling Psychrometer. It consists of two long thermometers among which one is a dry thermometer and the other is a wet thermometer. The dry thermometer measures the actual temperature and wet thermometer that has a bulb includes water cloth at its bottom. As the water evaporates from the wet thermometer, the temperature drops significantly. The speed of evaporation depends on the moisture in the air. If the relative humidity is at 100%, bulb will evaporate with no water and both thermometers will provide the same reading. In the end, readings of both thermometers provide us the relative humidity.

Other Types of Hygrometers to Measure Humidity

Analog Hygrometer

These types of hygrometers are the cheapest with minor accuracy problems. They usually measure with a 10% difference than Digital Hygrometers. They take a lot of time to show any changes in the humidity. Therefore, it is important to measure humidity with any other hygrometer for accurate results.

Digital Hygrometers

Digital Hygrometers use a sensor to monitor the levels of humidity. They often work together with other weather instruments to monitor the difference of weather in both indoor and outdoor. They come with multiple features such as alarm, clock and humidity/

The biggest benefit of these hygrometers is that they can track historical data of humidity, low and higher humidity. Precision and accuracy make them best to use. Sometimes, these devices require tuning and calibration.

Digital Hygrometers come in different designs but a basic digital hygrometer has an LCD with temperature, clock, and humidity. Many companies have added additional features such as the clock and the optimal range of humidity levels. You can check the best Hygrometers here.

Why You Should Care About Humidity Level?

A hygrometer should be available in your home. It is important to know the relative humidity because humidity affects health and our body temperature shuffles if the humidity level is too high. Hygrometer gives a continuous update about the humidity level. If the indoor humidity is higher, it is an indication of a hot temperature. Even though, the temperature remains normal it feels like hot.

Normal Humidity Level ensures our safety and keeps us safe from viruses, fungi, and allergies. Humidity monitoring is a good way to track the air condition and humidity level. Humidity control also reduces energy consumption and continuous sweating is dangerous for our bodies.

Although humidity control is not possible outside, the relative humidity level gives a fair idea about the temperature. Humidity Level also helps to understand the nature of air. It also explains If one should go outside or not today. Humidity monitoring devices make it easier to determine the humidity level and learn about the weather conditions outside.

If humidity becomes higher, it becomes difficult for our bodies to resist hot temperatures. It is because air becomes saturated and we sweat more than usual. Air releases a lot of water during this process in the form of precipitation, fog, or mist. Therefore, it is essential to have a hygrometer at home.

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